Meta-analysis synthesizes effect sizes, often calculated from summary statistics of studies. However, exact values of such statistics are commonly hidden in figures. The R package metaDigitise extracts descriptive statistics such as means, standard deviations and, if applicable, correlations from the four types of plots: 1) mean and error plots (e.g. bar graphs with standard errors), 2) box plots, 3) scatter plots and 4) histograms. The package interactively guides the user through the data extraction process. Notably, it enables a large-scale extraction using image files, letting the user stop processing, edit and add to the resulting data fame at any point. Further, it facilitates reproducible data extraction from plots with little inter-observer bias, thus, allowing a group of people to participate the extraction of data collaboratively.
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  • Healthcare
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  • Data Mining
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  • Data Extraction
  • Meta Analysis

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