Table Builder
Table Builder is a web-based content management system designed to capture extracted data from the published literature and facilitate qualitative and quantitative analyses for human health assessments of potential carcinogens. The software allows teams of users to extract characteristics of studies and results, comment on elements of study strengths and limitations, and list potential covariates and confounders in epidemiological studies. The software is reactive; i.e., whenever a user changes any data in the system, it is updated for all other users of the system in real-time. A number of different output formats available, including html and Microsoft® Word tables. The data in Table Builder can also be downloaded into Microsoft® Excel files and imported into statistical software to produce visualizations, including forest plots. A test web-application is available, but note that this should be used for demo purposes only as the database is reset weekly, it is not designed for use on real assessment. If you want to use Table Builder for your own work, you'll need to setup your own copy, contact the developers via the website at:
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