BEST (Biomedical Entity Search Tool)
BEST is a next-generation biomedical entity search tool for knowledge discovery in PubMed. BEST utilizes text-mining approaches to extract biomedical entities from PubMed abstracts. Using a novel indexing and scoring scheme, BEST indexes 10 different types of biomedical entities (e.g., genes, diseases, drugs, targets, transcription factors, miRNAs, and mutations) from the entire PubMed corpus. BEST processes users’ free text queries and returns up-to-date results in real time. Results are displayed by relevance and categorised by entity, meaning results can be navigated, allowing for quick scoping of the literature and the potential to prioritise results for screening.
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  • Healthcare
Underlying Approach
  • Text Mining
  • Search Tool
  • Completely Free
  • Automated Search

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