Advanced search tips

1. Select Guidance or Software

Software are programs or web-based applications to aid the systematic review and wider evidence synthesis process.Guidance are “paper-based” tools such as quality assessment checklists and reporting standards for systematic and other types of review.

2. Select a Review Family (drop-down menu)

If you are interested in any type of review, select Any (the default option). Otherwise, select the review type of interest from the drop-down list. You can only select one review type at a time.

3. If searching for Software, you can select a Cost (drop-down menu)

Software are categorised as “Free”, “Free version available”, “Free Trial” or “Payment Required”. If you want to see all software tools regardless of cost, select Any (the default option). If you only want to see tools that are completely free for example, select “Free”. You can only select one cost type at a time.

4. Select the Stages of the Review you want support with (check boxes)

If you want tools that support the whole process, or you want to see all software or all guidance, select “Any”.


Select the stage or stages of the review process you want to find tools to support. You can select more than one stage of the review process, by ticking multiple boxes, but please note that the search combines the review stages with AND. So for example if you selected “Protocol Development” AND “Search” you would find tools that support both those stages of the review process. If you want to combine review stages with OR (to find tools that support any of the stages you have selected) you will need to conduct a separate searches for each stage of the process you want to find tools for.