SRToolbox at the Cochrane Colloquium

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have spotted that the SRToolbox was at the Cochrane Colloquium the past few days. We had a poster presentation on “Better, faster, stronger: how to find tools to expedite the systematic review process”.  This is based on some work we’ve been doing behind the scenes over the past year or so.  We’re keen for the toolbox to be as comprehensive and up-to-date as it can be, but with an ever-increasing number of tools being developed, how can we do this efficiently?  In 2017, we mapped the tools literature and used this to develop a MEDLINE strategy that could be automatically run but this is only part of the picture. We want to know about tools as soon as possible, and often we find out about them first from systematic reviewers and developers, either submitting to the toolbox or via social media.

Our Poster at Cochrane

We’ve been monitoring where new and updated tools came from in 2018, and presented the results at the Cochrane Colloquium. The findings are very much as we expected – we need to continue to use a variety of methods (databases, hand-searching, monitoring Twitter) and engaging with the systematic review community is essential! So if you’ve submitted any tools to the toolbox, we thank you and hope you will continue to use and contribute to this valuable resource.  Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us via Twitter or direct.

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