The Systematic Review Toolbox is a web-based catalogue of tools that support various tasks within the systematic review and wider evidence synthesis process. It was orignally developed by Dr Christopher Marshall and Anthea Sutton, launching in 2014.

The toolbox aims to help researchers and reviewers find the following:

Users can perform a simple keyword (i.e. Quick) search to locate tools, or a more detailed (i.e. Advanced) search allowing users to select various criteria to find specific types of tools. Users can also suggest new tools to add to the database here.

Currently, this resource is developed, edited and maintained by a small team of researchers from the Evidence Synthesis Group at Newcastle University and the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield.

How to cite: Marshall, C., Sutton, A., O'Keefe, H., Johnson, E. (Eds.). (2021). The Systematic Review Toolbox. Available from: http://www.systematicreviewtools.com/